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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 1, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> heather: i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, bold predictions from republican presidential candidate mitt romney with another set of primaries just days away. a live report straight ahead. >> heather: controversial remarks from the former head of the democratic party, what howard dean is saying about the president's health care law. >> gregg: christians worldwide holding palm sunday ceremonies. a full report from outside the vatican. >> heather: we begin on the
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campaign trail with republican presidential candidate mitt romney and new found confidence telling supporters he is well on the way to secure the g.o.p. nomination. it brings three key primaries, wisconsin, illinois an d.c. he is leading endorsements like baseball cards, rick santorum and gingrich and ron paul they are still in the hunt. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: hi, heather. you hear senator santorum complaining how he is being outspent and the g.o.p. establishment wants romney as the nominee. during a pancake brunch, governor romney didn't mention anyone else that is running for president except for president obama. >> what president obama is doing regulation by regulation, tax by tax, imposition of government
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power is slowly crushing the dreams and the dreamers. we can't let it happen. we have to keep america the hope of the earth, for our kids, for their kids. for the greatness of the future of humanity. the world depends on a strong america. we're going to make sure they have a strong america. >> reporter: he is 7.5 points up in the latest polls. senator season says that wisconsin is not do or die for him. he is trying to downplay the high profile endorsements all these prominent conservative figures are backing romney now because they are scared he is in trouble. >> there is a reason i'm here. the reason i'm here is because with the blib. is trying to shove down the threats of the republicans on this country isn't being swallowed. the reason is not being swallowed they want someone that reflects values, someone they
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can trust. >> reporter: santorum and gingrich both separately compare their campaigns to the kansas university basketball team last night. kansas was losing to ohio state by 9 points but came back to win. senator season santorum that g.o.p. race hasn't hit half time yet. >> heather: that was an amazing game last night. we appreciate it. >> gregg: controversial comments today from the former head of the democratic party about the president's healthcare law. the state of that law squarely in the hands of the nine justices of the supreme court. central challenge in the case is over the requirement that all americans buy health insurance, the mandate. now, howard dean says the whole thing is a waste of time. >> the mandate is something that is not really necessary. if the justices strike it down, it might help the president. if the rest of the bill stait
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stays intact it will be seen as a victory for the president. >> gregg: his opinion not shared by everything. vice president sounding pretty confident that the supreme court will uphold the healthcare law. >> i think we should bring the temperature down. you and i have watched the supreme court for a lot of years. nobody has made any money betting based on organize arguments. we think the mandated and law is constitutional. we think the court will rule that way. >> gregg: we won't know their decision until likely the end of june. >> heather: the u.s. talking tough regarding iran's nuclear program. secretary of state hillary clinton warns that trying to find a peaceful resolution with iran is running out. this as fresh negotiations between iran and 6 key countries are slated for later this month. steve centanni has the latest from washington. >> as the u.s. vows to forge ahead with tough new sanctions
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on iran's oil industry. hillary clinton is stepping up the rhetorical pressure, saying the window to reach a peaceful settlement won't stay open forever. >> when the president says our policy is not prosecute vehicles and not. >> she now confirms there will be talks with iranians later this month. the u.s. is planning to put tough new sanctions on iranian banks and financial institutions that process payments for oil exports from iran. all this as the u.s. and allies suspect they are moving forward on their nuclear program. iran says they only want it with peaceful purpose. with threats of military action looming, they say the new sanctions can only go so far. >> the administration understands basically this is the last time that iran has to make some concessions diplomatically.
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not because the obama administration is going to do anything but certainly this will help precipitate an israeli decision whether to use military force against iran's program. >> reporter: those new sanctions and european embargo of iranian oil both begin around the end of june. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton also warning that syria's president is out of time. the bloodshed continues day by day. and secretary clinton said it's time for him to put the plan into effect. at least 20 more deaths reported in several cities adding to the 9,000 deaths estimated by the united nations. syria's president insisting that terrorist groups, not protestors is what behind the unrest. clinton saying there is serious consequences if the killings don't end.
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>> heather: right now there is a huge rally going on in florida honoring trayvon martin. the 17-year-old was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. he claims self-defense, thousands of mourners along with other people are demanding justice. steve harrigan is live in stanford, florida where trayvon was killed. >> hundreds of streaming into the ceremony. we see done striagsz across the state and really across the country over the weekend. one of the key factors, one of the most critical points of contention in this case is a 911 call and try to determine from this witness's call who it is that is screaming for help.
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>> reporter: they have had two forensic audio experts analyze the call and they said it could not be george zimmerman screaming for help. they say it was 17-year-old trayvon martin who cried out. it was voice definitely of a young man, something martin's parents say they have known all along. >> we know our kid's voice. we know that. >> reporter: the public pressure now is for an arrest of the admitted shooter, george zimmerman but the special prosecutor says no arrest if any will be made until a full investigation is complete. heather, back to you. >> heather: thank you steve. >> gregg: trayvon's parents will
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be on live tonight at 10:00 eastern time. the texas group in a meantime, says it want to help pay george zimmerman's legal fees. for legal gun defense, offering $10,000 the towards zimmerman's expenses. the group represents gun owners involved in self-defense shooting cases but a spokesman says he is not been able to contact zimmerman or his attorney to make the formal offer. it may not just be zimmerman that will end up with legal defense fees. a new controversy now is brewing in the florida community where this occurred about whether neighbors could actually face civil action over trayvon's death. our legal panel weighing in on that coming up in a few minutes. >> heather: other news, europe's largest active volcano erupting. mount aetna rumbling back to life spewing plume and ash.
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look at these pictures, sending lava down the sides of the volcano. the eruption lasted about 90 minutes. no reports of injuries or damage. it is the fifth time that it has erupted this year. >> gregg: today christians around the world are holding ceremonies for palm sunday. retracing the steps that jesus returned to the city. in rome, thousands of catholics gathering to attend a special mass held by pope benedict xvi. gregg burk is there in rome. >> a very good day. it promises to be a busy week for pope benedict who is 84 and almost 85. pope benedict celebrating mass in st. peter's square. to celebrate christ's triumphant return to jerusalem. who is jesus of nazareth.
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pope laying out a special challenge to young people who were present there asking them to put christ at the center of their lives and say this will bring them true joy. a huge crowd and massive numbers of people come to rome every year, all during the year for a variety of different reasons, most of those coming here this week are here for religious motives. st. peter's square will be at the center of their attention as we get closer to easter sunday. he is back from that trip from mexico and cuba. it was a 13-hour flight from havana. he seems to recover from jet lag than many reporters but he was up in front and we were in back. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: u.s. government is releasing thousands of illegal aliens into the streets. why are these people who entered the country illegally being allowed to roam free. >> and gasoline prices, they
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>> gregg: there is a new poll that is showing a growing number of americans feel rather optimistic about the economy but rising gasoline prices may be a huge concern. according to the latest numbers from the poll, 49% of those polled say they feel the worst is now behind us. 45% say they believe the economy could still get worse, but as drivers are reaching deeper and deeper in their wallets to pay for gasoline because the numbers change dramatically. right now 40% of the people they say moderate strain on the family budget, 37% said there is a great deal of strain. brenda butner is senior business correspondent. if you add up those last two numbers, that is huge number. 77% saying it's a strain on the
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family budget. more than half say, we're going to have to alter our economic behavior as a consequence. what does that do to the economy? >> that is huge issue. take a look. half americans right now according to that first poll say that this is half full. >> gregg: that is coca-cola. >> couldn't we use rum. if this th were gasoline, you could pour it out right now. gasoline prices more than anything else affect the confidence of americans. they drive up. they see it. they see the $4. they say this is hitting me in the wallet. more than any other consumer good. >> gregg: there is a rule of thumb. for every 10 genetic rise in a gallon of gasoline it cost the u.s. economy $10 billion.
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25 cents, cost $25 billion to the economy because what is happening is, you are spending money on that one particular good gasoline. all the other products in america that are being sold and services, they are not getting it. >> the thing is, they are spending it. it is still going into the economy, but the problem is all the small business owners, all the companies are also spending more on energy. so that is cutting into their margin. at some point, they are going to have to pass that along to consumers. so not only will consumers have to pay more for gasoline but for food and everything else. >> gregg: we're talking about a spiral of inflation? >> yes. >> gregg: what does that do? >> that hurts the economy. especially when we we've got unemployment because people don't have the means to pay more. they are going to be facing higher inflation, interest rates go up. that means it's harder to pay
1:19 pm
your mortgages which are already an issue. so we have these issues that we are facing and they get worse and worse. >> gregg: hardest hit are those drivers that have the longest driving distant to work. also, lower and moderate income households. they are the ones who really feel the pain? >> the issue is that gasoline isn't so much a discretionary item. you have to go to work. you can't always take the bus, not ever place has a subway system like we do in new york. >> gregg: what if the iranians shut down the strait of hormuz which has one fifth of the world's crude oil. moody's models, they indicate that the price of gasoline on a national basis were it to surpass $5 a gallon would put the u.s. into a recession. do you buy that?
1:20 pm
>> there are two ways that gas goes up, demand driven, that is saying the economy is doing better, people are using more. that is a good thing. then there is supply, disruption. that would be a supply disruption and there is nothing we can do much about it. >> gregg: we were showing video of one of the crisis, 4.49 for regular gallon. if it goes up to $5 a gallon just as we're hitting the summer travel season, travelers will not be traveling. there is 4.49. that means less travel means spending less on hotels, shopping, restaurants. that hurts the economy? >> those round numbers hurt things, but remember there is one other thing that is going up people use stocks and 401 k soon they went up a lot. they went up. s&p 500 went up the highest best
1:21 pm
quarter in 14 years. so they are going to get that, as well. let's hope they focus on that as much as they do every time they pull in. >> gregg: okay, i'll try to the no be downey downer. that is coffee. i thought it was coca-cola. that is brenda butner. >> heather: you need to pay for those gas prices, hidden treasure. time is running out to get your treasure. people are buying up items from the sunken titanic. a look at the auction and who is placing those bids. >> gregg: colleges in one state wanting to add sexual orientation surveys. that is right, your apps. is it an invasion of privacy.
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>> gregg: time for the top of the news, bold predictions from mitt romney. he says he is going to win tuesday's primary in wisconsin and secure the party's nomination. >> one thousand people stranded after a cruise ship fire finally reaching land. it drifted by the philippines for days before reaching land. united states planning tough new sanctions on iranian imports. they are suspect they are still trying to develop have develop nuclear weapons. they are insisting they want nuclear power for peaceful purposes only. >> heather: it has been hundred years since the titanic sank. now, the bounty will be sold to
1:27 pm
the highest bidder. what is exactly on the auction block and who is hoping to win this historic collection. here is details on this. it sounds exciting. >> and timed perfectly for the centennial. the owners are putting them on the auction block with appraisal value of $189 million. every single one of 5500 artifacts recovered. the ship is considered say can kred so all the artifacts are from the debris, not pulled from inside. clothing, jewelry, personal items, fine china, decorations and hundreds of hours of video footage are being auctioned off. >> due to a court decision that took place last year, the collection is being sold only as a collection in its entirety. >> it must be maintained by the new owner and part of it has to be display. a few artifacts have been
1:28 pm
auctioned off in the past. it has been passed down from families of survivors. this is very first auction of artifacts recovered from the actual wreckage. a portion of the proceeds generated by the sale will go to the preservation trust to ensure future conservation. >> with the ship rapidly deteriorating underwater it may not be that long before it's completely gone. what remains is in fact this collection which embodies the titanic. >> reporter: just in time for the anniversary, new generation will experience the james cameron blockbuster. this time in 3-d. the 1997 film will be back in theaters this month so we'll be seeing my heart goes on once again. >> heather: or get sea sickness in 3-d. thank you very much. we appreciate it.
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>> gregg: the tragic shooting death of trayvon martin is raising more legal questions. 17-year-old was shot in a housing development in florida. the neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman confessing to police he shot and killed martin claiming self-defense. that claim has sparked nationwide controversy and legal experts are asking whether the homeowners in the development could be subjected to a civil action, as well. how could that play out in court. let's ask joey jackson and kesha. this neighborhood watch group, and operated the watch group. so if george zimmerman is held negligent held somewhere down the line because he claims self-defense. are the homeowners vicariously responsible?
1:30 pm
>> yes, they would be as members of the homeowners association, if zimmerman was acting within his duty as captain of the watch program, the homeowners association is responsible for hiring him, for making sure guide baselines lions are in place. if he is negligent that trickles down to the members. that is one of the responsibilities as being part of this association. >> gregg: in tort law there is what is known as employer is responsible for the actions of the employee that occurred during to the scope of the employment. here it's not necessarily an employee but there is an agency relationship between the zimmerman and homeowners, does it apply? >> it would apply but whether or not still with that applying he would be responsible. here is my problem. he is acting as an agent for the homeowners authority. he is not just there by himself. that being said i have two issues here. one issue is notice.
1:31 pm
the other is something else. you want to look at the individual and see if there is anything in their background that might dictate they might engage in an act like this. in tort law, the risk perceived is the duty defined. in the event he had prior history or conduct, it makes it more likely. second problem, is the fact when you look at the protocol that he followed, you can argue he violated it. he had a weapon and he should not have had a weapon. homeowners say you shouldn't. second big thing, he pursued. >> gregg: as i pointed out he has to be acting within the course and scope of his authority. he may have exceeded that authority. >> even if he did. the homeowners association would have liability because there should be guidelines in place. we don't know what the guidelines were. they are not responding to telephone calls about but they are responsible can and can't do
1:32 pm
x, y and z. he called the police department 46 times. clearly there is something wrong. >> gregg: doesn't it put the homeowners association he is acting in way where he is suspect. >> it's not necessarily suspect to engage in a number of calls. what does that make him. it make him a very activist person. >> gregg: but you have to look at the calls and what was the nature of the calls. >> whether or not this those calls he was acting in irresponsible way. >> he violated the instructions of the 911 operator. >> that is big issue. they should have known. he called the police and they told him do not follow trayvon. >> gregg: i'm not sure to put the homeowners association on notice. >> i think that breaks the chain of events. when you have the protocol that says don't follow, don't pursue and you have the operator says
1:33 pm
that, that independent action might remove them from the homeowners association liability. >> gregg: insurance coverage for errors and omission but does it apply to the homeowners themselves or only board directors and board members? >> i believe it only applies to the board members. it doesn't apply in situation like this. like someone slip or fell on the property or common ground. before wrongful death case in this particular incident. i don't think it would cover. i agree with this assessment. the homeowners response, that insurance company is not paying for that. the owners will be responsible. >> gregg: a bankruptcy will not inso late them. we know how much you love homeowners. >> i got assessed $30,000 for stucco. >> gregg: i could do that for $1,000 assessment per person.
1:34 pm
i'll save you money. . >> we'll contract with you. okay, thanks very much. a fox news exclusive tonight. geraldo at large, trayvon's parents, that is only on the fox news channel. check it out. >> heather: right now, some harsh words for mitt romney. democrats accusing him of being naive when it comes to foreign policy. our power panel is here to explain up next. >> gregg: keeping our borders safe. surprising new report on number of illegal immigrants being held in u.s. facilities and why many may be possibly let go, no questions asked. turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left.
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>> heather: trance partner si. mitt romney's campaign turning the tables to fend off calls to
1:39 pm
release decades worth of tax reports. now, they are asking for obama's release meetings with world leaders. a state department official saying it just shows the romney campaign is naive about the confidential nature of foreign policy. judith miller is fox news contributor. k.t. mcfarland an analyst and ellen ratner of talk radio news service. thank you all for joining us today. so the first topic, mitt rolz is he naive? >> totally naive. even k.t. will support me. he can't release national security transcripts? how does he compare it to tax returns. it blows my mind. >> every administration, single
1:40 pm
most secret documents are the ones that are transcripts of president's meeting with heads of states. we're only now declassifying now from nixon administration. he has a point. romney has point. that is credibility of obama and what is he saying to foreign leaders. what is he going to say after the election. i think he has the right point but not a great way to make the message. >> i think they are trying to do each side is trying to shape a narrative about the competitor. romney is going to be according to the obama supporters secretive rich guy who doesn't want to tell us how much he made and how he made it. for the republicans they want to shape obama as the guy as k.t. says who is going to give away the farm in the second term. look what he said when he didn't think the mic was on.
1:41 pm
i do think it's credibility issue. what is he saying to the russian president he is not willing to say to the american people. whether it's obamacare saying, it turns out, oops your insurance rates has gone up. >> i agree with the jude's it's miller. but romney is not a secret millionaire. he is a millionaire many times over. it's no big secret. >> and not something. >> by some of what he says and that is all going to come back to him in the debates and come back in the general. >> and the two cadillacs. >> heather: next topic today, lack of space is causing a big problem. immigration officials only have enough beds for about one in ten illegal aliens in its holding facilities.
1:42 pm
that is because of the shortage that the rest of those being held must be released. >> this is like a catch and release policy. you are going to find in fly admonisher man magazines. it shows the entire immigration system is broken. no party will seem to step up to the plate. federal government won't enforce the laws on the books. they won't let the states enforce the laws. >> heather: we spend about $166 a day per illegal immigrant. >> homeland security, says they are spending $2 billion a year, both on housing and deportation facilities. if this is not the sign of a broken system, i don't know what is. >> many of these people don't have access to attorneys. they don't have access to someone accused of something. they may provoke people in jail. a woman that might refuse.
1:43 pm
tony snow, may he rest in peace, what are you still doing here when you have cancer. he said i am here because i believe in president bush's immigration policy which in man ways was more liberal. >> you have those rightfully accused and repeat sex offenders released. >> those kind should be there. they should have access to counseling. >> we need to fix the system. it's been broken for 30 years and we haven't step stipulated up to the plate. no political leader. >> something tells me it's not going to happen in an election year, right. >> heather: and reducing the beds, reducing to 32,800 so it will less safe. >> and the way immigration is to rent space from county and cities. >> look for the profit prisons and how they are benefiting, too. there is always that little
1:44 pm
slice that people don't want to talk about. >> stick around. incoming students at one state university may be asked to declare more than their major. administrators are thinking about asking kids to declare their sexual orientation am we'll tell you about that and tell you why straight ahead. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travelards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! wh's in your wallet? cayou play games on that? not on the runway. no. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets,
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.... >> heather: welcome back. thank you for staying with us. in california, public colleges and universities they are weigh ago plan to ask students about their sexual orientation. the move stems from the state law seeking to measure the lgbt student population and whether they have enough service on campus but it is raising privacy concerns. our power panel is back. i will start at the other end of the table. judy, what is your take on it? >> i think it's okay, as long as it's voluntary question and voluntary response. i think the universities should in california and elsewhere should try to get a handle on how many people, young people are we talking about when we talk about the gay community. are their needs being met. i do have privacy concerns and
1:49 pm
definitely have them if the question was going to be mandatory. on a voluntary basis i think it is voluntary. >> it's a slippery slope and huge mistake. where do you stop? you ask about this even in the best of intentions. when are you going to ask about abortion, do you use birth control. what is your sexual orientation. i think it's a mistake to get anywhere near this topic. >> i totally agree with you. the issue in california, don't forget, recently there was court decision that basically said there could not be just christian dorms that excluded gay and lesbian people. by them getting a handle on it. what the numbers are, this actually helps them to define and decide who can be in what dorms. if it happens the pure christian dorms there was a vie roo liags of law. this has to do with service planning and it makes sense as long as it's voluntary. >> we all agree how important it
1:50 pm
is. >> i think. it's a can of worms. even under the best of intentions, where does it stop? >> how many are hispanic origin. >> i don't believe in affirmative action. >> it's about having quota systems. >> only if you really go way down that slippery slope. that is why we're here to make sure that doesn't happen. >> i don't know what sexual orientation matters. i don't understand. i wouldn't want somebody asking my sexual orientation. why someone who is spending time in the bedroom. >> that is why it matters. it matters because there are so many people in the military who were going to events that couldn't bring their partner. that has to do with the kind of services that might be available. >> and scholarships being offered? >> and foundations and others
1:51 pm
are very specific of scholarships today, and there are other kinds of scholarships. that has to do with money. >> i think governments should get out of my bedroom and out of my bathroom and out of my bill fold. >> heather: now a lighter one. iconic toy is basking in the limelight. the etch-a-sketch, a new ad campaign, after mitt romney said he could restart his campaign like an etch-a-sketch. here on its website, etch-a-sketch says we have a left not be and right not be for each political party but both work together we can do loops. >> where is the independent. so many americans these days. you have to maneuver at one to get an independent vote?
1:52 pm
>> if you don't etch-a-sketch? [ laughter ] >> it's now coming out with a blue version and red version. >> and bring the factory back to ohio. that is what i would like to see happen. >> where did they move to? >> china. >> i they are terrific. >> and the ipad, as well. >> etch-a-sketch is a great toy. it taught all my kids. you can learn about magnets and drawing. i think they are great. >> so you guys agreed to that point, too? >> so a few weeks ago we showed a tattered flag waving high above a city school. a world war ii veteran is doing something about it. over the last 35 years, dominic papa has replaced more than a
1:53 pm
thousand worn out flags with fresh ones. he is doing this himself. it's a one man army saving the american flag. what it means to him. that is great story. >> that is a great story. it shows one person can make a difference and does make a difference. that is the kind of thing we can all support. >> and if you see signs that needs to be refurbished. he gives the schools or businesses them. >> i think dominic papa, if there were more of them there would be lot better country. i'm going to nominate that kind to run for congress. you got my vote. >> i want him to go to harlem whether we're still wondering if the poor little school with the tattered flag has collected enough money to replace it. dominic papa, go to harlem. >> i think we need to follow
1:54 pm
through on that. see see if we can get him to check out that school because they definitely need it. thank you guys so much for joining us. we appreciate it. interesting topics that ran the gamut and got in a couple of extra runs. >> gregg: another big twist in the republican race of the white house as mitt romney tries to clinch the nomination, new poll numbers may spell big trouble and latest coming up with the campaign insiders, they are back ux stick around for that. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath?
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in the chaotic streets of lexington. >> and we have some great healthy choices for easter dinner all day next sunday. and now we begin with the forecast today large parts of country getting unseasonably and it is only april 1. amarillo is expected to get into the 90's today and folks from new orleans to, well, south dakota, could see the high 80's. and now, we are monitoring it to see if the forecasts are coming true live in the fox weather center. boy, that band of warmth is, i can't recall seeing it this early. >> only april 1 and we have hoard high temperatures, or temperatures that should have been reached during the summer months, and already feeling like summer. some of you guys are skipping
2:00 pm
spring. it was 85 in new orleans so the people out there for march mad notice outdoors celebrating, hopefully your basketball teams are doing well and you have record heat. when you factor in the humidity with the temperatures it feels warmer than the actual thermometer. 90 degrees in kansas city. so it feels like 90 degrees in kansas city. and feels like 81 in new orleans and 87 in dallas and 88 in san antonio. extremely warm up into parts of south dakota. we are talking about record temperatures, records being set. for new orleans we had a temperature at 85 and it broke the record. that was 84. and other cities that are expecting to see record temperatures being set. vicksburg, mississippi, 88 was the high. and the record was 87. in the dakotas, record heat,
2:01 pm
with pierre a high of 89. and in the south, denver, co, the high temperature is expected to be at 83 degrees and record is 78. guys, just extremely warm and hopefully this is not a sign of things to come this summer expecting more heat across parts of the southern half of the country like parts of texas and oklahoma. tomorrow we are talking about more extreme warmth in the same areas that saw the high temperatures reaching record levels today. kansas city could see a high of 88 tomorrow, and 83 in new orleans and 83 in dallas, and with a little bit of humidity it feels hotter. as we head westward, rapid city, you will be cooler, 57, 46 is the high in denver so seeing the cooler air from the rockies spreading east. as far as precipitation we have some concerns. across the ohio valley where we could see severe hail with isolated tornadoes possible.
2:02 pm
and across northeast we are not talking about severe weather but there are shower head our anyway and new york city will need umbrellas with low pressure that is bringing in light rain. but not a big concern. bigger concern is the heat across the center of the country. >>greg: well, try to stay cools, folks in the center of the country, thank you. >> now to the race for the republican nomination. also heating up new signs that the republican establishment is rallying around romney, the four g.o.p. candidates gearing up for three big primaries, wisconsin, maryland, and washington, dc and romney is sounding more confident as the latest real clear politics polling average shows with a nearly ten-point lead in wisconsin. and peter is live for us with more. >>peter: governor romney is
2:03 pm
certainly not lead nationally with 568 delegates to his name, twice as many as senator san santorum, and four times as many as newt gingrich and santorum says he is sticking around and dismissed all of romney's high profile endorsement showing that the establish is "scared." >> from what you see, there is panic in the republican establishment of everyone coming out of the woodwork to say the things we are saying today and i feel like we are doing well in wisconsin. >>peter: today, governor romney did not mention or even allude to any of the other republican candidates but all directed barbs at rebound, and santorum and newt gingrich were trying to take the frontrunner down. with newt gingrich saying if romney is the nominee he would try to help him win. >> i will do anything to elect
2:04 pm
him. if santorum is the nominee i will help them and both of you would say if i became the nominee they would help me. we are all committed to defeating president obama, we think the re-election would be a disaster for the country. >>peter: spear newt -- speaker t gingrich never mention the taking the campaign all the way to tampa, this morning. heather? >> perhaps a change in strategy. thank you, peter, live from washington, dc. thank you. >> secretary of state hillary clinton warning that the time to find a peaceful resolution with iran is quickly running out. this is fresh negotiations regarding the country's disputed nuclear weapons program or nuclear program, slated for later this month. in the meantime, the united states plans tough new sanctions on iran's oil exports.
2:05 pm
steve? >> as the united states vows to forge ahead with new sanctions on iran's oil industry, secretary of state, hillary clinton is stepping up the pressure saying the window for iran to reach a peaceful settlement will not stay open forever. >> this is a difficult problem. when the president says all options are on the table he means it. when he says that our policy is prevention, not containment, he means it. >> she spoke in saudi arabia and traveled to turkey where she confirms there will be talks with iranians this month putting tough sanctions on the banks and financial institutions that process payment for oil exports as the united states and allies expect iran is moving forward with a nuclear weapons program. iran say they want nuclear power only for "peaceful" purposes, with threats of military action, some say the new sanctions can only go so far. >> the administration, i think, understands, basically, the last
2:06 pm
time that iran has to make some concessions diplomatically not because the obama administration will do anything but because almost certainly this will help precipitate an israeli decision, whether to use military first against iran's program. >> the new sanctions and the european embargo of iranian oil begin around the end of june. >> thank you from washington, steve. >> new accusations linked to the shooting, death of trayvon martin, the 17-year-old killed by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman, and we have live pictures of a rally in miami going on right now. trayvon's family is asking the justice department to investigate whether the prosecution undermined the police investigation. demonstrations across the country like this rallying today for zimmerman's arrest, including here in miami, the live pictures, again. steve is standing by, live, in sanford, florida, with the
2:07 pm
latest. >> 3,000 protesters are gathered in miami following protests across cities in florida including fort lauderdale and yesterday here in sanford. the protest in miami is again being led by reverend sharpton and reverend jesse jackson. we are at a gated community where the shot was fired february 26th, a makeshift memorial here. we have seen families come and place flowers through the day bringing children and pausing where the shot was fired w we spoke to a woman who came down from baltimore. >> i am a teacher of students that age, trayvon's age and a parent of a young boy, who will be a teenager one day and my heart goes out to his parents and his family. and i hope justice will be served for their family. >> protesters in the different cities are united by a single demand: the arrest of the 28-year-old admitted shooter,
2:08 pm
george zimmerman. the special prosecutor in charge of the case says there will be no arrest if there is an arrest at all, until her investigation is complete. >> thank you, steve. and a fox news exclusive tonight on geraldo, trayvon martin's parent speak live at 10:00 p.m. only open the fox news channel. >> a full court press for police in kentucky after a night of fan mayhem. cops preparing for tomorrow night ncaa basketball championship featuring the university of kentucky and locking how they handle thousands of rowdy fans who swarmed the streets of lexington, overturning cars and lighting furniture on fire after a victory overstate rival louisville in the semi finals. police made several arrests. did you have anyone in that game? or kansas? >> well, i had carolina.
2:09 pm
>>greg: oops. carolina was out of it a long time ago. >> yes, i had carolina. >>greg: strong call. >> more than a billion christians around the world celebrating palm sunday in new york city, the cardinal leading a mass inside a packed st. patrick's cathedral. paul sunday is the start of holy week, of course, and there will be a series of events leading up to the crucifixtion and burying of jesus christ. and in jerusalem, thousands of pilgrims waving large palms entering the church and the event retracing jesus' triumph pant return to jerusalem and the pope leading tens of thousands of catholics in a mass outside st. peter's. and later this hour a full report. >>greg: and historic day for
2:10 pm
democracy for a country leaving years of oppression and a nobel peace prize winner going to the parliament. >> and a terrific accident in kansas, a 18-vehicle pileout. >>greg: before the housing bubble burst, how flippers made millions. is there a place for that in today's unstable housing market today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travelards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card.
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>>greg: and now all eyes turn to wisconsin for the g.o.p. presidential primary this tuesday with romney ahead in the delegate count but rick santorum saying he does not think the race is at half time. five people killed more than a dozen injured in a horrible crash on a kansas interstate. this nightmare began when a truck hit a guardrail and plunged into a ravine. historic day in burma. pro democracy nobel peace prize
2:15 pm
winner suu kyi won a sigh in parliament after giving up power after 50 years under control of the military junta. >>heather: a new industry rising up from the ailing housing market. a new round of "house flippers," are scooping up foreclosures making big money just by putting in elbow grease. but, were they not part of the bubble that got us in the mess in the first place in senior business correspondent will tell us if this is deja vu all over again. good or bad news? >>guest: not really, because that first group of flippers were the ones who contributed to the boom. and these are ... basically clearing up the bust. they are clearing up the mess made in the first place. this is a group of venture capitalists coming in, buying up big groups of foreclosed homes,
2:16 pm
and turning them around quickly and renting them out because they can buy them for so cheap, rental prices are so high that they can bring in people and keep neighborhoods fairly, you know, fairly nice. but they are clearing out this inventory of homes that we have to get rid of if we are ever going to get the housing market back to levels, not boom levels but back to levels where it is finally sustainable again. >>heather: they are making the money when they turn around and rent them out, a $3 trillion industry? >>guest: it can be. the profits are yet to be seen. they have groups of appraisers and they are using technology. it is not just single mom and pop operations anymore where you buy one house, rent it, and hope you will make money back by
2:17 pm
the house moving up in value. these people are buying tens, 15 houses a day. araising them. cleaning them up. getting renters in. but there is a very, the issue is, it is not just using the "cloud," and everything, they, also, have, there is a human issue here. because there are people in the homes. >>heather: what about those people? >>guest: they don't want to get out. so, they can stay as long as they can and they are given a choice to become a renter. >>heather: often they cannot afford the we rent. and they are evicted and that is painful and lengthy. >>guest: and costly. society has to -- so it has to be added it. we do not know how profitable it will be but they are clearing out the inventory. >>heather: and there were
2:18 pm
almost two million foreclosures in 2011 down from 2010. >>guest: but a whole new group is coming on. >>heather: so the trend will continue? >>guest: yes because there are so many underwater houses. i think it will help the economy. >>heather: thank you, brenda. you can catch brenda every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, do not miss it. must see tv on the fox news channel. >>greg: what the pope is asking millions of christians to do ahead of easter sunday. it can happen to anyone, even mitt romney getting pranked on april fool's day. >> it is april fool's day. i forgot. they turned me into the april fools. those guys.
2:19 pm
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>>greg: bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. republican establishment is gathering around romney with mcconnell saying it is time for the party to town to the general election with romney the clear leader in the delegate count. congressman paul ryan is apologizing to the joint chiefs saying he misspoke when he said the military is not giving "true advice," on president obama's defense budget. and an update on a story we have reported, crews in new mexico recovering the body of long distance runner true from a remote area he vanished from on tuesday. >>heather: the pope bringing in the start of holy week with a message about unity. thousands turn out in
2:24 pm
st. peter's, a sunny, beautiful start to easter celebration, and catholics packing into the makeshift aisle. and greg has more outside st. peter's square in vatican city. greg? >>greg: a beautiful ceremony today at st. peter's, culminating next sunday, easter sunday, a massive crowd here this morning, if you do not like crowds, st. peter's during holy week is not the place to be. rome, for that matter, because so many pilgrims from all around the world come here. people come to rome for all sorts of reasons but those who are here this week, it and primarily about seeing the pope, about living the easter mystery. in his homily he said they have to ask, what idea do i have of god? he said this is a crucial question that no one should try to avoid, and, certainly, not during this week, the pope making a special plea to the young people present,
2:25 pm
challenging them to make christ the center of their lives. and, finally, it is not exactly the final four, but there is a kind of final four in rome, the last four days holy thursday, which marks, of course, the last summer, commemoration of the last surgeon, good -- last supper, and good friday, and the joy of easter sunday. the crowds, today, are nothing compared it easter sunday. heather? >>heather: thank you, greg. from outside vatican city. >> i will not forget this morning. you know it is april fool's day. i forgot. they turn me into the april fool this morning. those guys! your senator. your congressman. paul ryan goes out first and this is downstairs, there is not a person in the room, all right?
2:26 pm
and, my staff says to me there is, it is a small, we did not get much of a turn out this morning, it is small but it will be okay, and&then someone else comes around and says no one is there. >>greg: romney getting fooled by his g.o.p. supporters in wisconsin at this hour, and the republican presidential candidate preparing to hold a townhall meeting near madison a couple of days away from the primary that could get him halfway home to the delegates he needs to win the nomination. but, hold on. some troubling numbers out there. about the chance of beating rebound in november. should he claim the g.o.p. mantle. look at this. a brand new cnn poll of registered voters find if the election everyone hold today the president would get 54 percent of the vote beating romney by 11 points and look at this.
2:27 pm
another poll not much better president obama beating romney by ten points 47 percent to 37 percent. and now our campaign insiders, doug and former pollster for bill clinton, pat caddell, form pollster for jimmy carter. and john leboutillier, former congressman from new york. gentleman, good to see you. pat, what is going on? why the big lead for the president? >> we have the tale of two cities. the president has been outcampaigning and approval ratings are going up. what is happening, more importantly, and his assumed opponent, romney's numbers are going south badly. his approval, favorability, he has negative rating as high as 49 percent. and he is losing states by big margins. we talked about this a week ago
2:28 pm
in the south and now we see in ohio and other states, and in florida, particularly, a state he won the primary, he is seven points down. he seems to be, this campaign is taking, he is taking a toll on him. >>greg: what about the big name endorsements in let me play three. >> barbara and i are proud to fully endorse and support our old friend mitt romney. he is a good man and he will make a great president. >> i will endorse romney because he will be the republican nominee and offers a stark contrast to the president's record. >> in my humble personal opinion what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the united states of america. >>greg: bush, rubio, ryan. >> a tale of two cities, they are that the republican
2:29 pm
establishment embracing, as you saw, governor romney. at a time when his campaign is falling apart, obama, and this is great panic in the party that he will not beat obama but that we could lose seats in the senate, and maybe lose control of the house. real worry this guy is a bad leader of the ticket. >> margins, both houses could be lost. >>greg: pat mentioned the negatives of romney. romney has a large net negative favorability rating of minus 16. and 34 percent favorable, the "washington post" poll, and president obama's favorability is plus ten. he is at 53 percent versus 34 percent. what is going on? >> the president as pat suggested had unending run where he has been able to develop an
2:30 pm
energy policy that will is hypocritical at best without any criticism. the economy is slightly better, joblessness is down. but the more serious issue for romney, he has yet to give a narrative to voters for why he should be president and subject to attacks by his opponented and his whole campaign against the republican opponents, rick: -- santorum and newt gingrich have been negative. >>greg: and you have a make over plan for romney but we will hold on to that, a tease, we will get that in the next blog after the commercial break. have all of the attacks, doug, by santorum and gingrich done damage causing the negatives that we just showed? >> they have. there is a specific problem. evangelicals, conservative voters, southerners and this is
2:31 pm
overlap, are all anti-romney. and pat makes the point before that the south is vulnerable to obama in large part because romney has not consolidated traditional republican voters. >> the real problem is not with republicans but what is happening with the swing voters and independents, the voters that decide the selection and a few months ago were sour on the president and they are still not enthused but doug made a point and john did, what not happening. the dogs that are not barking. we saw it with the health care, and the c.b.o. numbers you have raised, greg, and no one made a big issue. and this week, epa, which is a presidential agency operating under presidential control, goes out and essentially wipes out the coal-fired plants and cripples the industry. yet the narrative is not being tied to gas prices. the silence is deafening. the lack of an opposition narrative to obama is allowing
2:32 pm
him to run clear and the problem with the republicans is their brand is damaged because it is so negative it is turning independents off. >> congressman, the president's surrogate has been swinging around, joe biden tearing into romney over being the candidate the rich. >> look, governor romney's business practices and policies have clearly benefits the wealthy and most powerful at the expense of working and middle class families. they believe it is the best way. i'm not doubting their belief. but it doesn't work that way. >> but it does not help when video surfaces of the planned car elevator at romney's that hoya mansion. >> this is the political tenure of the romney campaign we are baffled about. he takes a weekend off which he needs to have a rest during the campaign, but he goes out to that house and, therefore, the
2:33 pm
press followed him, and they get the plans for the new house that he wants to build that has -- a basement that has more living space in it than the living quarters of the white house. no, why do we need that in a campaign? or a car elevator. >> and he jones -- jokes about liking to fire people. and he jokes about his father closing a plant and moving to michigan. >> to the unfavorability of romney, these are the things that have caused the unfavorable. and he has done them. not from atabs -- attacks on newt gingrich or rick santorum. he is trying too hard. >> obama campaign, and biden said, he knows they are vulnerable. an economy that is still weak. the president's ratings are by no means secure.
2:34 pm
and the romney campaign is salvageable but so far, no sign they see that. >> you go back to the point of not being connected to people, we have all worked for wealthy candidates, a lot of democrats, i worked for the kennedys and doug has worked for people, and who identified, connected with ordinary people. he doesn't. donald trump connects with ordinary people. there is something about romney that he seems not able to connect. jack kennedy could charm an audience. >> and so could fdr. >> he was in world war ii and there was an enormous amount of respect by the average american. romney does not have that. the three key battleground states, here is the matchup, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania, president obama is ahead in each
2:35 pm
of those although not safely. and pat, i think you said independents are breaking for the president, as well. so, what do you make of this? >> in each of these states we have had republican primaries. and romney has gone in won the primary, left the state, and in the wake of his departure, he is less popular since he won the primary. >> that sells you the campaign they are running, about the scorched earth campaign. let me say this, romney, to borrow doug's phrase, he is inevitable but not, and even worst questioning of whether he selectable but he has 60 days to prove to his party that he can get back in the game with probe. >>greg: why do you say 60 days? pat: it was a round number and it gets us to june. which is a key in. and he has to prove that, or, no political party by law has to commit political suicide.
2:36 pm
>> we were there with bob dole in 1996 around this time, we knew if we spent the spring making dole and newt gingrich unelectable and unacceptable, bill clinton would be re-elected. by july 1, dole was out of the senate and arguably out of the election campaign. >>greg: our campaign insiders back in a few minutes and we will show you their ideas for the romney candidate makeover. will this work? [ female announcer ] who'd have thought that the person you'd grow up to be -- how creative or confident or kind -- was shaped before you lost your first tooth?
2:37 pm
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2:41 pm
hillary clinton in turkey for "friends of syria," conference threatening severe consequences if the assad regime does not proceed with a peace plan. 700 fishermen are rescued from drift ethic off the coast of russia. helicopters and boats picked up victims. no one was hurt. a texas group wants to help the man suspected of shooting and killing florida teenager, trayvon martin, the national association is offering $10,000 for george zimmerman's legal expenses but has not been able to contact him. bluegrass fans say goodbye to early scruggs laid to rest in nashville known for banjo pickings, and the academy is planning a tribute at the award show tonight. greg? >>greg: as we told you a
2:42 pm
moment ago, and showed you, romney is behind, substantially, by most of the polls from the president. and he is not doing well particularly among independents, as well, and romney's negatives are quite high compared to positives. and now we bring become our campaign insiders, john leboutillier and pat caddell and doug. you think he need as candidate makeover and you have five ideas. and now we will talk about them individually. number one, is reintroduce him as a nonideological problem solver. two, main focus is solving the nation's, and yours, problems. and, three, explain how to unleash the economy to create jobs. now the first one. reintroduce him. is this like the new nixon? >> in fact, we had the thing last week, we joked about etch a sketch but there is truth when
2:43 pm
you are nominated you can readdress the country. he has one shot to go away for a while, come back, and be a likable candidate who can get elected. the points we will tack talked about, all friends describe him as a nonideological problem solver. where he has been in trouble is the twisting himself leak a pretzel to say he is conservative, severely conserve different and the whole thing is, give me the data and i will fix the problem. >>greg: number two, the many focus is solving the nation's and your problems. >> this has to be directed to people who are suffering. he has to show he has connection and not just something written from poll results or focus groups. it has to be identified and, more importantly, he has to project strongly the crisis of
2:44 pm
the country overall, and he has to put an urgency to the vision. that is missing. this is not a litany of what is wrong. you have to have passion of the country in crisis. >>greg: they is interesting because romney has said, doug, that he has the experience to unleash our economy to create jobs. but he hasn't really explained how. >>guest: precisely. and, number one, two, and three all tie together. people want results. they are not looking for ideology particularly the swing voters. their concern is 8.3 percent unminute. we have 40 million to 50 million people unemployed or underemployed. they want results. they want to know the policies and romney has not told us. >>greg: and romney in the makeover, according to our campaign insiders needs to utilize the best people to fix the economy like jack kennedy's best and brightest. >> i believe romney would do
2:45 pm
this if he were present. i don't think he is a political hack. he would look around and try to bring in good people and in a campaign if he said that, independents will like that. >>greg: no pay offs, none of that. >> that is something he can run against. despite the promise of this administration there has been a lot of cronyism. the last component is an example. he is not running for c.e.o. of the country as a manager. the country is looking for a leader. i cannot understand why they have not used the story the winter olympics were corrupt and in trouble and they were going to be a black eye and for no money he turned it around and made it spectacular discuss and athletes and others give him great credit. it is a metaphor for america and it tells you what he can do. >> he has to connect to ordinary
2:46 pm
people. he started on the stump talking about real people. but he has to connect. otherwise, the five points don't work. >>greg: what is president obama's strategy? >> president obama has two strategies. first, to make this middle-class, against the rich. and suggest that romney is the rich. to suggest redistribution of wealth. you have to get more revenues so you have to tax people. and you make it clear that the republicans are out of touch, extreme as gentleman biden did and by doing that the democrats playing a weak hand, they feel they can marginalize the republicans. >> it is weak. but right now they are unchallenged, and i go back to the narratives, the president gets away with frankly political murder on trail. what he says partly because the pest does not hold him accountable and the republicans, they are damaged built but i lived this kind of campaign, and biden was arguing today that the obama message is simple, it
2:47 pm
could be worse, and they are much worse, and the republican message is, and this goes what happened with the russian incident with the microphone, the real question is how much worse can it get in the second? he will do things people don't like. >> romney has a 21 point gender gap and only do 34 percent with the independents. >> part of the image problem but there is another problem that the press has not focused on. that is the obama campaign is building, they brag about it, the greatest grass roots campaign, ever, in this country with 18 offices in florida. 12 in ohio. five around las vegas and five in arizona and they have people on the payroll out there, identifying voters, getting them ready to vote. >> they took over romney's office in iowa. >> they took over his abandoned headquarters so that tells you
2:48 pm
romney went in, leaves, and in goes obama and that is a key swing. >> the president has the luxury of uncontested. >> north carolina they went in and did a test case where they went in to mayor's races where democrats did not have a prayer and put their organization to work and won several stunning victories. they are using social media, the internet, and hand held devices to do what pat and john are describing in ways that have never been done before and below the radar. >>greg: john, doug and pat, thank you. >>heather: and you know what else looks good? easter means ham. lamb. jellybeans. baskets of chocolate. all delicious.
2:49 pm
right? but some are better for you than others. seven sneaky ways to eat healthy so you do not end up looking like ... an easter egg. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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>>greg: next sunday many will it is with family to celebrate
2:53 pm
easter and the tables will be loaded with fat future of fat and calories. >>heather: there is a more healthy way to enjoy the meal and the health and fitness expert is here with easter dishes that will not derail your diet. >> so, you have to make choices at the table. it is easter. the only spring holiday we have, so it is okay to indulge without skimping on fat and calories. >>heather: many start with ham. >>guest: lamb is healthier, most last has fewer calories and less fat but the problem with the ham is the sugar and the syrup. these three slightses are half the sodium intake but lamb can cost more, $95 -- $95 pound -- $95 pound.
2:54 pm
mashed potatoes are more healthy because school -- scallop potatoes have cheese and cream and more. >> or mashed potatoes and also mashed cauliflower. >> half your plate should be vegetables. the choice between peas and asparagus? take both. even if this is a little bacon or sauce, they are so low this calories, if it looks more white than green ... >>heather: don't the peas have a lot of sugar? >>guest: minimal. minimal. not compared to fruit. >>greg: and you did not put broccoli and brusselsprouts on
2:55 pm
that plate. >>guest: carrot cake or strawberry shortcake, carrot cake is the most fattening, the oil and frosting and oil and nuts. >>heather: but it is carrots. >>guest: strawberry is better choice. >>greg: to drink? >> mint julep or mimosa. the mimosa mixed with the orange juice is somewhat healthier. and it will not load to a hangover as quickly as the bourbon. >>greg: brunch is included in the events. ex-omelet or french choice. omelet is a far better choice. it will fill you up. the french toast is just cali and sugar bomb that will drive up the road sugar. you will be hungry for more.
2:56 pm
even if you have cheese in the omelet it is better than all the carbs. >>greg: jellybeans or chocolate eggs. >>guest: jellybeans are lower, but they are empty sugar but you cannot ... >>heather: you are saying chocolate keeps you thing? >>guest: that is the latest news. >>greg: great to see you. >>heather: sunday with chris >>heather: sunday with chris wallace ahead. ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too.
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